Directors of Research Programs

Middle East and Arab World – Samer Akkach is an established scholar in three inter-related fields of study: architectural history and theory, Islamic studies, and intellectual story. His earlier research focused on pre-modern Islamic cosmology, mysticism, and architectural symbolism, while his later works have focused on spatial thinking and history of science, Islam and modernity, and socio-urban history of early modern Damascus.

India and Southeast Asia – Peter Scriver is an architectural historian with a particular interest in design thinking in cross-cultural contexts. Scriver’s pioneering individual and collaborative research on India and Southeast Asia focuses on colonial and contemporary architectural production and discourse, and the professional networks and institutional frameworks through which the design disciplines operate.

Middle East – Katharine Bartsch‘s research focuses on cultural encounters, and more generally cultures of travel (migration, diaspora, displacement and resettlement), to gain a critical understanding of the production and transformation of different built environments (architecture, landscapes and cities).

India – Amit Srivastava is an architectural historian and theorist whose work focuses on 19th and 20th century architectural thought, with special attention to intellectual networks concerning perception of architectural materials and phenomenology. As a member of CAMEA, he is also involved in the historiography of the post-colonial architecture of Asia focusing on the socio-political condition generated by the intersection of de-colonizing and nationalist policies.

Japan – Julian Worrall: With over a decade of research and teaching in and on Japan, Julian brings expertise on modern and contemporary Japan to the CAMEA constellation. His work in this area has contributed to significant exhibitions, including at the V&A Museum London, the Museum of Applied Art Vienna, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. Current publishing projects include a spatial history of Tokyo, and a contemporary history of art and architecture in Japan since 1990.